October 2018 signals the start of the very first Expedition Zechstein. During this expedition Rick Koekoek, world renowned Bike Trial athlete, and his team will travel along the borders of the ancient Zechstein Sea through Europe.  They will travel by the means of many different kinds of transportation, but relying on their own health, fitness en strength to make it to the finish line. 


During the expedition we are striving to increase the awareness and importance of healthy living. From the day we are born we start to age, so we have set our goals to improve the health en lives of children, so they can enjoy life as long and healthy as possible. We hope to inspire not only the young, but also adults to live more healthy and enjoy all the benefits a healthy lifestyle has to offer. 


Many years ago there was a sea where there is now Europe. Life was formed in this sea and when the sea dried up a sediment of Magnesium was left.  


Magnesium is so important for our bodies, it influences about 300 processes. But almost every person has a deficiency. 


About 1.600 meters below the ground in Veendam, the biggest sediment of high quality of Magnesium in the world has been found.  



During the expedition the team will travel the borders of the Zechstein Sea, by many means but always using their own strength and fitness. 


Each of the stages of the expedition will be a new challenge. Only with training, healthy living and perseverance will they make it through all the stages of this expedition.


Nothing is as important as our health. Nowadays many people try to live a healthy life, but some need a bit more inspiration or motivation to get there. 


We strive to inspire everyone to have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy and live their life to their full potential. 


The team have adopted a lifestyle that does not only think about healthy eating. They  live by the rules that not only eating healthy is enough, but have adapted to a lifestyle based on 9 pillars.